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Minsum Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturer and exporter with 14 years of experience. Most of our products include porcelain polished tiles, glazed tiles, ceramic floor and wall tiles, skirting tiles as well as glass skirting tiles and borders.

How to Choose the Ideal Floor Tile

How do you like to decorate your floor? Or what do we know about the ways to select the ceramic floor tile? ceramic floor tile Let me teach you some tips for choosing the good and suitable floor tile. oor tile, have a close-up view of the appearance and see if it is scratched, peeled or damaged.

Wood Grain Porcelain Tile makes you feel more relaxed

Speaking of the floor tile, I like the wood grain porcelain tile most. Our kitchen floors are all wood grain porcelain tile.

Latest Product and Design

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Our showrooms give you a first-hand experience with the latest Ceramic tile solutions in unique spaces. Visit us and get impressed.

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